About our Services


Commericial  Residential  Industrial

*BoxStores *Restaurants *Stadiums

*Hospitals  *Offices  *Schools *Banks

*Mills  *Homes *Food Process Plants

Floor Coatings

MC Painting and Coatings is certified in general polymers..  Has years of experience coating floors. From epoxy floors, chemical resistance flooring,  sealers,  non-skid floor decoratives.  

Wall Coverings

  Installation of all types of  wall covering and graphic murals.

Drywall Finishing

All levels of drywall finishing.  Tuff surface level 5 applications.  

We also provide light to heavy skip texture,  and wall prep..  We also provide texture finishes.


We provide all types of coatings..

Glass mirror products,  industrial coatings,  intumescent coatings,  and pool coatings..

Staining and Varnishing

We provide wood staining and varnish to anything that's wood.